Artist - Photographer, writer, lecturer, psychological therapist and workshop leader

I work both as an artist/photographer using self-portraiture, still life photography, digital imaging and video, and as a therapist to extend the range of potential meanings that lie within notions of domestic photography and to explore the relationships between photography, memory, identities and unconscious processes.

Starting in 1983, working with the late Jo Spence, I evolved and developed a new photographic practice- phototherapy - based upon re-enactment. Through embodiment, I explore the psychic and social construction of identities within the drama of the everyday. My work makes explicit the multiplicity of identities that an individual inhabits, using the 'self' as a text to be deconstructed, reviewed, challenged and reconsidered. This work bridges private and public discourses, theory and practice. Themes which I have explored in exhibitions and articles include:- gender, sexuality, ageing, class, desire, memory,  location, urbanism, shame, family dynamics, power/powerlessness, health and disease, bereavement, grief, loss and reparation. The work has been exhibited widely, Nationally and Internationally, since 1985.

I have run intensive phototherapy workshops and given lectures in Universities and Galleries throughout Britain, the USA, Canada, Eire and Finland. I have also run workshops in community settings, including a women's prison, projects with survivors of sexual abuse and schools based projects on digital identities.
Lecturer in photographic theory, art history and visual culture at Universities in UK. Psychological therapist in private practice
BSc (Special) Chemistry University College London (1967).                             Foundation Art and Design Croydon College of Art (1969)                                         Postgraduate Diploma - Industrial Design University of the Arts (1971)     Postgraduate Diploma Design for Disability London Metropolitan University (1982)                    Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling. Institute of Education, University of London (1995)
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‘Getting Changed’ Senate House London March 2012

*These shows had extensive touring programmes, only the originating galleries are listed.
#Catalogues were published.


#'Looking back? Photography, memory and identity' paper and workshop given at 'Kaste, kuva ja keho seminaarin aikataulu' ('Just looking - Photographic conference on the politics of the gaze') organised by Pohjoinen valokuvakeskus Northern Photographic Centre in Oulu, Finland. 20-24 September 1992.
#'Putting us all in the picture' paper given at 'Symposion uber Fotographie XIII - So oder so nicht sein/Identities' - Organised by Camera Austria at Forum Stadtpark, Graz. 16-18 October 1992.
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#'A cacophany of memories: a plurality of identities' paper given at conference 'Travelling through feminism in Europe: cultural and political practices' organised by Women's International Studies Europe  in Paris. October 8-10 1993.
'Home truths? Phototherapy, memory and identity' paper given – Society of Photographic Education  Thirty-First National Conference in Chicago, USA. March 10 - 13 1994.
'Art, does it make a difference'  workshop given at the 'Conference of European Photographers' at  Fotofeis the Scottish International Photography Festival in Aberdeen 3-5 November 1995.
'Performing the Selves' paper given at the Association of Art Historians 24th Annual Conference in  Exeter 1998.
'Outrageous Agers' Keynote/Plenary presentation at 're:generations: women age and difference'  University of Northumbria at Newcastle April 2000.
'Challenging Invisibility: Outrageous Agers' paper/performance given at the 'Third Wave Feminism' International Conference. Institute for Feminist Theory and Research, University of Exeter July 2002
'Outrageous Agers: Challenging invisibilities through performative strategies' paper presented at the College Art Association 93rd Annual Conference, Atlanta USA Feb 2005
‘Outrageous Agers: performativity and transgressions’ presentation at ‘Ageing Femininities: Representation, Identities, Feminism.’ Conference Re-Generations University of West of England. Oct 2007
‘Too close to home? – an exploration of a specific semi-detached suburban house.’
Presentation at ‘Urban Encounters Conference’ Goldsmiths College London16-17 May 2008
‘Re-enactment Phototherapy:- Memory, identities and unconscious processes’ keynote presentation at ‘The International Conference on Phototherapy and Therapeutic Photography’ at Turku Finland. June 2008. 
Also experiential workshop – ‘Portraiture of the selves and the therapeutic gaze’
‘Too close to home? – holding the everyday still’  Paper given at the Ist International Visual Methods conference. University of Leeds 15-17 Sept 2009
‘Holding the everyday still’ Paper given at International Visual Sociology Conference, University of Bologna, Italy   20-22 July 2010 
‘Look at me!’ Representing self: representing ageing. Using phototherapy techniques within a multi-disciplinary research project.’ Paper given at PhototherapyEurope – Researching Phototherapy and Therapeutic Photography Roehampton University 19-21 Oct 2010
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‘Re-imagining Ageing by Older Women:  Using phototherapeutic techniques within a multi-disciplinary research project.’  Paper given at Second International Visual Methods conference, Open University 13-15th September 2011
‘On Looking Back: Photography, Memory and Forgetting’ Keynote/Coffin Memorial Lecture at ‘Family Ties: recollection and representation’ Conference. Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of London 9 March 2012

# Papers published in symposium proceedings.


Film in the Cities. Minneapolis. USA May 1993.
Randolph Street Gallery. Chicago. USA March/April 1994.
Zone Gallery. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. UK Oct 1994.
ARTEC. London. UK 1995
Floating Gallery and Mentoring Artists for Women's Art. Winnipeg. Sept/Oct 1996
The Batley Experience. Batley. UK 1998.
Croydon College UK 2003

'Bodyscapes': extract from 'Outrageous Agers'. Winner of 'What does Obesity Mean to You?' award  2003
Awards for All - 'Obsessions II' 2002
London Arts Board - Individual Artists Award 2001
Millenium Award - 'Outrageous Agers' 1999
Arts for Everyone - 'Obsessions/Creating the Subject' 1998
Arts for Everyone - 'Outrageous Agers' 1998
'Memento mori' Third prize winner at 'South Bank Photo Show' 1992
'Happy Birthday - Junk Face' Prize winner at 'South Bank Photo Show' 1989
Greater London Arts Association - Development Grant - Phototherapy 1986
Design and Industries Association - Melchet Memorial Award for Socially Responsible Design 1979